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Play online football squares for free! This is SportsPoolParadise. We are featuring Online Football Square Pools for the 2016 NFL Playoffs and 2017 Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium - Houston, TX on February 5, 2017. Squares Pools are the 100 square box grids. You can choose your teams that you want to be part of the pool.

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Our website will generate a unique pool id for you and your players. There is also a password you create so only people you have invited will be part of the pool. Once the 100 squares are filled in, you can close and lock the pool which will randomly generate the numbers for each team.

super bowl box

The Home Team will always be on the top row, Away Team will always be on the left column. The result of each quarter will be taken from the last number of the score of each team. (Ex. Home Team 24, Away Team 17 the winner would have 4 on the top row and 7 on the left column.) It's that simple!

You can signup, invite friends, and let us do the rest!